Technology on the Sidelines

Much in the same way "virtual" technologies are used in telemedicine, teleconcussion allows a neurologist to assess athletes suspected of sustaining concussions during sporting events via "robot."

The sophisticated teleconcussion technology used to successfully mimic a real-time consultation uses a specialized camera system that is remote controlled. The neurological specialist has the ability to see a patient immediately, whether around the block or miles away.

In maneuvering the robot, the neurologist is able to do the following:

  • Assess a player for symptoms and signs of a concussion
  • Simultaneously consulting with the sideline physician or athletic trainer who is available

Sideline neurologists aren't available at every athletic event, but a teleconcussion robot can offer the next best thing - at a time when the player in question may need it most. Because we know that timely intervention is required when a concussion or other traumatic brain injury is suspected, teleconcussion technology offers sports organizations the next best thing to having an actual neurological expert with them on the sidelines.

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