Blog Posts in 2018

  • The cars are rockets on wheels, nitro fuel feeding flame-spewing 10,000-horsepower motors that generate six G-forces and speeds of more than 300 mph in a matter of seconds. With thunderous engine roars and earsplitting tire squeals, drag racing literally screams machismo. Yet it is arguably the only mainstream sport in which women compete head-to-head with men and more than hold their own. Leah ...
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  • Aaptiv Asks Dr. Williams If Exercise Can Improve Memory?

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 9-Feb-2018

    You already know that exercising helps you build strong muscles, maintain a healthy weight, and ward off disease. But research suggests that working out also improves memory, boosts thinking skills, and encourages brain cells to grow as we age. Any form of exercise will do, particularly anything that involves focused movement or requires learning new skills. Physical activity also tends to improve ...
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  • Like tens of millions of Americans, rock star Tom Petty took prescription medications, including opioids, to alleviate pain. The recent announcement by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner that Petty's death on Oct. 2 was caused by an accidental drug overdose as a result of mixing medications that included opioids underscores the risks associated with taking prescription pain medications, ...
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  • FOXBOROUGH — Let’s start with the question Patriots fans are desperate to know: Will star tight end Rob Gronkowski play in Super Bowl LII in two weeks? Gronkowski was not spotted in the Patriots’ locker room Monday, a day after absorbing a scary helmet-to-helmet hit in the team’s 24-20 victory over the Jaguars in the AFC Championship game. Gronkowski was evaluated for a ...
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  • How to Train Your Brain to Improve Performance

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 19-Jan-2018

    When most people consider the concept of brain training to improve learning, they tend to think of those online game programs or puzzles that are purported to give the brain a "workout" by practicing memory and problem-solving skills to sharpen the mind. Others consider more advanced techniques aimed at optimizing brainwave activity through neurofeedback or stimulation therapies. ...
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