Education as Medicine

The Kerlan-Jobe Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine was founded by Dr. Williams and intentionally designed as well as physically constructed to optimize the opportunity for communication as well as the quality of education, knowledge, and insight provided to patients and clients.

The check-in and waiting room areas were constructed to facilitate exchange of information from the team to his patients/clients (through scrolling informational PowerPoint slide presentations available on large format flatscreens and iPads or desktops). The Center also promotes information exchange from our patients/clients to us through tablet-based artificial intelligence and machine-learning programs available prior to or after examination room assessments.

The examination rooms include comfortable recliner-style chairs that allow patients and clients to sit at the same height as our examining physicians to better facilitate communication. The chairs can then be reclined fully and raised to convert into a traditional “table” for medical examinations. These rooms also include large format flat-screen monitors that are used in digital signage mode to project Health Tips to patients with meaningful, interesting, and easy to understand information on brain health. These Health Tips are also available on our social media feed, (with regular updates), in addition to relevant information on Sports Neurology, Neurological Health Across the Lifespan, and Pain Management. These in-room flatscreens are also used to project educational information, animations, and presentations from Dr. Williams’ website (guided by our medical staff), as indicated/appropriate for the individual patient and client.

The Center has access to technologies such as BodyViz that further improve on education and insight. BodyViz is an exciting and revolutionary way to get a personalized, 3-D interactive image of what is going on inside the body, directly from MRI or CT scan onto an iPad. Dr. Williams and his team of health professionals will help patients and clients combine a unique verbal and visual learning experience, so they can make better sense out of why they are experiencing what they are experiencing. This enhances the patients and clients the ability to make informed, educated medical decisions making and helps Dr. Williams and his team tailor a treatment plan to meet their specific needs.

Simply stated, Dr. Williams believes that a well-informed patient is a better patient. Shared medical decision-making results in better outcomes. He respects the effect that knowledge and insight has on symptom severity, function, and quality of life. The goal is for patients to benefit from the highest level of sophistication regarding their diagnosis, recommended interventions, and the rationale for those recommendations.

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