MeRT Theory for Athletes


Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy, or MeRT℠,is a suite of tools that gives our physicians a platform to assess, monitor and optimize athletes’ brain performance.


The process starts with a tool that measures the specific electrical patterns in your brain, called a quantitative electroencephalogram (q-EEG), and connects them with the electrical activity of your heart, measured with an electrocardiogram, or EKG. From this, our physicians create a customized profile of your brain activity and function, which lets us identify areas that may be functioning less than optimally.

Analysis & Protocol

Our physicians then use your personalized brain activity profile to develop a customized MeRT℠ treatment plan, designed to improve the efficiency and performance of your brain.


During MeRT℠ therapy sessions, an electromagnetic coil is used to induce mild electrical currents, similar to what you’d experience during an MRI, to targeted areas of the brain. MeRT℠ treatments for athletes are typically focused on optimizing brain function and promoting recovery from injuries.

Assessment & Monitoring

After several MeRT℠ therapy sessions, we’ll perform another q-EEG and EKG to monitor the changes in your cognitive function and to update your personalized brain activity profile.


Enhanced Performance

The brain plays a critical role in athletic performance, and MeRT℠ therapy works to optimize and improve the efficiency of cognitive functions.

Monitoring & Diagnosing Brain injuries

By comparing pre-injury and post-injury MeRT℠ data, we can perform real-time assessments to determine the level of functional disruption in the brain.

Helping Heal Brain Injuries

MeRT℠ therapy can help the healing process, both by helping to understand the extent of the brain injury to develop appropriate comprehensive treatment and by helping to enhance the healing process through continued MeRT℠ therapy.

Improved Sleeping Patterns

Sleep is an essential part of the recovery process. MeRT℠ therapy can play a critical role in improving sleep rhythms to enhance the quality and efficiency of an athlete’s sleep (which has important downstream effects, such as removing toxins through the glymphatic system, regulating circadian functions and the optimizing release of growth hormone).

Other Reported Benefits

Individuals receiving MeRTSM report better concentration and focus, greater ability to cope with stress, improved mood, as well as improved mental clarity and memory.

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