Neurological Injections

Injections Can Relieve Pain for Many Neurological Conditions

When someone suffers from pain associated with their nerves, neuropathic pain injections or a nerve block, may be indicated for the patient to find some relief from the pain. The purpose of this type of injection is to help deal with neuropathic pain.

Injections at the site help to block the signal of pain that travels from the nerve to the brain. If that signal does not reach the brain, it means that the body will not feel the pain. It's easy to see why these types of injections are so important for those suffering from nerve pain.

How do neuropathic pain injections work?

It is possible to use the neuropathic pain injections in a number of locations on the body, where they will be able to provide short-term relief of pain. These locations include the peripheral nerves, dorsal roots, sympathetic nervous system, and the trigger points.

Neuropathic pain injections offer a variety of elements that can help block pain:

  • Opioids
  • Steroids
  • Local anesthetics

Steroid injections are common as a type of nerve block to help prepare a patient for further treatment. For example, the doctor may order these types of neuropathic pain injections for those who have disc hernias. The injections can help with the swelling and reduce the pain. In some cases, they can even negate the need for surgery. An expert physician will be able to let patients know if they are good candidates for this type of pain treatment.

How do injections help patients?

Injections can help the individual remain ambulatory and continue with other treatments, such as physical therapy, without having to deal with constant pain. They can also help to reduce the need to use analgesics. Sometimes, as mentioned, they can even avoid the need for surgery, or at least delay it.

It is important for patients to realize that neuropathic pain injections are not a cure for the condition they are treating. They are simply a short-term solution to dealing with the pain that the doctor will be able to use when trying to find treatment options that will help deal with the actual root cause of the condition and long-term management of the pain.

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For those who are suffering from pain, whether it is chronic, prevalent after surgery or another treatment, neuropathic pain injections may be the right choice. As always, a trained neurologist will make the ultimate decision on what is the best for the patient's health.

Patients can always talk with their doctors about the possibility of using these types of injections to help them improve the quality of their life while they undergo other treatments. I, Dr. Williams, am a Board Certified Neurologist and expert sport concussion witness. I have provided my neurology expertise to various legal professionals since 1997. I am ready and willing to help you too.

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