Sports/Pain Psychology and Behavioral Therapies

Sports/Pain Psychology and Behavioral Therapies

It’s not “all in your head”. But a lot of it is in your brain. The brain and nervous system regulates physical function and activity. Mood and behavior, as well as expectation and insight have a tremendous effect on regulation, and by extension, physical function. Conscious and subconscious contributions to mood, behavior, expectation, and insight can be assessed by the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine’s expert team of Neuropsychological, Sports Psychology, and Pain Psychology clinical experts. This talented and dedicated team of professionals can then develop specific, individualized programs to educate, develop resilience, teach coping strategies, address mood disorders, and work toward a mindset that optimizes performance, minimizes pain, or otherwise addresses factors that may be limiting desired outcome.

Personal interview, validated pen and paper testing, and computerized assessments are used as indicated for individualized assessment. A variety of treatment and intervention strategies may be used, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Biofeedback/Neurofeedback, Mindfulness Meditation, or other methods of quieting and regulating the autonomic system – based on the needs, logistical factors, and resources available to the individual patient or client.

For some individuals, stress (and the chemicals released as a result), impairs peak performance. Learning strategies to control adrenaline, or ways to use it to advantage, can be powerful. Identifying and overcoming limiting mindsets and expectations can unleash abilities and performance potential that has laid dormant for years – even in high functioning individuals.

Most individuals recognize the need to exercise their bodies. Cardiovascular training, strength and conditioning training, flexibility training, and other physical exercises dominate their self-improvement activities. Sports Psychology, Pain Psychology, and Behavioral Therapies balance these efforts with assessment and training of the brain and the conscious mind. In fact, the results of physical training and attempts at peak Sports Performance can never be optimized in the absence of an optimal mindset.

Our clinical psychology consultants specialize in Sports Psychology (for athletes dealing with recovery from injury, retirement-related issues, cognitive and mood-related complaints, or interested in optimizing function) and Pain Psychology (for collaborative assessment of candidacy for certain medications and interventional procedures, to assess for and institute cognitive-behavioral therapies and biofeedback).

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