Understanding Balance in Sports Performance Enhancement

Balance - it's an essential part of your everyday life. From keeping you upright to navigating nearly every movement your body makes, we often take this crucial neurological function for granted.

In the world of sports performance, balance training can help push an on-the-cusp athlete into the realm of greatness. Great balance is key for athletes, especially those who engage in endurance activities, running, cycling and swimming, for example.

Unbeknownst to many, there are two kinds of balance:

  • Static balance
  • Dynamic balance

The Differences Between Static & Dynamic Balance

Static balance refers to the body's center of gravity within its support and postural control base. For everyone, the center of gravity is the point around which all of your body's weight is evenly distributed. Generally speaking, it is located about two inches anterior to the spine. Easy enough to visualize, right? However, your center of gravity changes as you move.

The base of support, also essential for great balance, is the equation that makes up the surface being bearing your weight and the distance between your body and it. So, if you stand to perform an exercise with your feet 12 inches apart, your base of support is the distance between your feet and the floor and the area between your feet.

If you move your feet closer together, your base of support decreases and balance becomes more difficult. Hence the reason standing on one foot is harder than both feet planted hip-width apart.

Dynamic balance refers to the ability to move outside the body's base of support, while still being able to maintain postural control. If you have decreased balance ability, your body's center of gravity is restricted and can cause falls and injury.

Adding balance exercises to your overall fitness routine, no matter your sport, is important to increase performance and to prevent injuries.

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