Cosmetic Neurology And Peak Neurological Performance

Cosmetic Neurology/Peak Neurological Performance

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In our opinion, every single person is a candidate for and should actively engage in optimizing their Neurological health and performance. Although most patients who seek Dr. Williams’ consultation for Peak Performance are athletes, the number and type of client engagement is expanding. And it makes sense. It is a natural evolution based on our collective experience and application of knowledge in the areas of overlap between Neuroscience, Sports Neurology, Sports Medicine, Strength and Conditioning, Brain Training, Therapy/Rehabilitation, and other disciplines. All of these disciplines have recognized and contributed to the evolving understanding of how the brain contributes to performance, how the brain and Neurological functions can be assessed and how training can improve performance.

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Many individuals have no underlying Neurological diagnosis, disease or injury but benefit from assessment, training and improvement in Neurological function. Others have a recent or even remote history of injury (Neurological and/or Musculoskeletal) and recognize how the Brain/Nervous System and the Musculoskeletal System have compensated in ways that are limiting their performance (or causing frank pain and dysfunction). Still others have an increased risk of dysfunction (family history, genetic predisposition, or participation in activities that increase their risk) and want to optimize and prolong Peak Neurological Performance. And finally, there are individuals who simply want to maximize successful and productive aging. They’re interested in optimizing their cognitive function, balance, strength, focus, and concentration over the course of their entire lifespan and enjoy their later years to the fullest.

Athletes and related stake holders (parents, trainers, coaches, agents, administrative personnel) have become more sophisticated in their realization that Neurological skills and functions are key factors in performance. So key, in fact, that they are often a bigger contributor to elite performance than more traditionally trained functions like cardiovascular (aerobic exercise/fitness), and musculoskeletal (strength, flexibility, speed, etc.) factors. At every level of participation (youth, high school, collegiate, professional) there may be a few outliers, but usually there is not much significant difference from one player to the next regarding height, weight, strength, and aerobic fitness. However, consider the following Neurological functions and skills:

  • Vision
  • Balance
  • Proprioception
  • Vestibular
  • Focus
  • Concentration/Cognitive Endurance
  • Reaction Time
  • Speed of Muscle Activation
  • Speed of Mental Processing/Decision Making
  • Accuracy

These are often the characteristics that set the elite performers apart from pack. Kobe Bryant wasn’t necessarily the tallest, fastest, strongest, or most aerobically fit player in the NBA or on his team. But nobody would argue against his Neurological skills and functions as being on a completely different level than most.

It turns out that just like the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal profiles and functions can be assessed and graded, we can evaluate an individual’s Neurological functions and skills. And due to the principles of Neuromodulation and Neuroplasticity, these we know these things can be practiced and trained to optimization and Peak Performance. Improving your brain significantly improves ALL performance, whether related to athleticism, academic achievement, professional/career success, or successful aging.

The Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine has a number of diagnostic tools and training technologies and techniques at our disposal. We focus on objective assessment using measurements that can be repeated over time to assess progress. We educate and institute purposeful physical and cognitive training in conjunction with consultation regarding optimization of sleep, diet, and nutrition. We perform Neurological surveillance and regular re-assessments, following function over time in recognition of the importance of Neurological health across the lifespan.

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