The Brain Network Activation (BNA) System

Bringing concussion and other brain injury diagnostic tools out of the Dark Ages

The Concussion Challenge…

The CDC estimates that more than 3.8 million sports-related brain injuries occur each year. Many of these injuries go undiagnosed and for those that are identified, many are not well-managed. Added to this problem is the fact that, historically, doctors haven't had the most precise tools to diagnose and manage concussions. But the medical community knows that repeated, undiagnosed or improperly managed concussions can cause cumulative brain damage over time.

Imagine the ability to actually "see" and measure a brain injury, compare it to other conditions of its type and properly diagnose it. The right type of treatment could then be prescribed and best of all, the physician and the patient would have a "road map" for understanding when it is safe to return to activity.

The Brain Network Activation System makes it all possible and Dr. Williams is proud to offer this incredible technology to his patients.

A revolutionary, non-invasive diagnostic tool for patients who are suspected to be suffering from concussion or other brain injuries, the BNA Activation System uses a combination of electroencephalogram (EEG) technology and state-of-the-art software that processes brain signals in a multi-layer way that measures the connections that underlay brain function and dysfunction. This technology also proves incredibly useful in evaluating and managing chronic pain and the changes that occur in the brain as a result of it.

During the examination, Dr. Williams is able to record the brain signals during standardized cognitive tasks designed to evoke specific brain processes. The results are then compared a huge data repository of brain activity maps gathered from people with healthy brain function as well as with those who have existing brain-related conditions. The comparative process aids in diagnosing potential disorders in the patient who is being examined because it uses objective neurological measurements to differentiate a healthy brain from one affected by disease or injury.

Once this data is obtained, it aids in a better and more informed decision on treatment and recovery time required for the brain to heal.

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