Sports Neurology

The field of Sports Neurology represents the neurological discipline that it is concerned with sports medicine issues. This concern is fourfold:

  1. The study and management of sports-related neurological injuries that may develop as a result of participation in athletic activities;
  2. The safety of participation in sports and athletics by patients with neurological conditions;
  3. The understanding of effects from sports injury on how people think, feel, and react as well as the impact on both performance and daily living;
  4. The understanding of neurological benefit that occurs as a result of exercise, including the neurophysiology of peak performance in sport.

The mission of Sports Neurology is to:

  1. Promote and develop an increased awareness of neurological injuries in sport;
  2. Further understanding of the diagnosis, pathophysiology, and management of the neurobehavioral consequences of sports-related neurological injury;
  3. Develop guidelines regarding how to manage neurological injuries in sport;
  4. Develop guidelines for the safe participation of neurologically impaired patients in sport; and
  5. Promote and develop a better understanding of neurological benefit from exercise.

Sports Neurology Expertise

As is the case with every field of medicine, there is a wide range of experience each physician possesses in his or her particular field. For me, this is a career that has been 20+ years in the making, coupled with a distinctive combination of skill acquired through unique experience and extensive, incredibly specific training. Unlike the large university research programs that are great at collecting analytical data for studies but seldom equipped to effectively treat patients, I care for patients suffering from a wide range of neurological and chronic pain conditions on a day-to-day basis. Among those defining attributes of my expertise are:

  • Board certification in the field of neurology
  • Additional subspecialty training in interventional pain medicine
  • Exclusive clinical trials/research experience
  • Practice within internationally-renowned sports medicine clinic
  • Skilled lecturer/educator/presenter at multiple field-specific conferences each year
  • Extensive expert med-legal witness in more than 80 neurology-related cases
  • Able to effectively communicate and explain complex medical content/information in an easy-to-understand manner well received by the lay public and mainstream news media.

As important as clinical expertise is, acquiring and consistently utilizing the latest in technology to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions is critical. My practice is deeply committed to using state-of-the-art imaging, electrodiagnostics, and neuromodulation to further aid in the effective treatment of patients.

Patients in my practice also benefit from my multi-disciplinary collaboration with experts in other areas of medicine that can provide a well-rounded and varied approach to treatment including:

  • Neuropsychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • PM&R
  • ATC
  • PT/OT
  • Sport psychology

Ancillary to my day-to-day practice operations but important to understanding the overall breadth and scope of my expertise are the other organizations of which my neurology background plays a part. These organizations allow me to continue the tradition of innovation and contribution to the knowledge of this evolving paradigm of Sports Neurology and the brain's contribution to performance:

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