Patient Success Stories

Our Patient Success Stories

Find out what patients are saying about their experience with Dr. Williams:

I could not have asked for a more professional and/or knowledgeable physician.”

Bill | Neuromodulation | Back Injury

I was introduced to Dr. Williams by Dr. Tiberi at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute for multiple injuries. These injuries stem from an IED attack in which I was involved in while serving as Director of Global Operations for a major private military contractor in Afghanistan, circa 2009. The initial injuries resulted in 16 months of hospitalization and over a year learning how to walk again. In early September 2018, I reinjured my back and after months of completely unsuccessful treatment, my fiancé and native Californian suggested that we contact Kerlan-Jobe where we sought out Dr. Tiberi who then facilitated the introduction to Dr. Williams. Dr. Williams’ team was outstanding and they were able to graciously schedule for me an appointment with Dr. Williams well before we expected.

My initial impression, as I sat there in the chair in his office reading his impressive bio online, was that I hope he is as good as this reads. Because if he is, I am in the right location. My hopes were exceeded. Dr. Williams’ assistant Harley first met with me and we discussed my case followed by my visit with Dr. Williams. There were several key points that solidified my decision to seek help outside of Utah and entrust my health with Dr. Williams. The amount of medication I was on was much too high and of grave concern; the conditions I was diagnosed with were severe but treatable, and we discussed every aspect of a treatment plan. The most important part of Dr. Williams’ treatment plan was a reduction of the medication and scheduling what should have already taken place in Utah. I left that day with optimism after five months of pain and suffering, which for an ex-Army Delta Operator is extreme if it caused my life to come to a complete halt.

Six weeks following my initial visit, I met with Dr. Williams again and we decided to move forward with the neuromodulation procedures on my spine. The staff and Dr. Williams were able to fit me in considering I had just returned from the Middle East and had a short window for recovery in this first step of the treatment process. I arrived the next day after needing to get several tests done that his staff was exceptional at scheduling prior to the procedure. There was nothing that took place, nor was there an event during the procedure or the recovery, that Dr. William missed or neglected to inform me of. My recovery was six days and today the injury to my lower back has finally subsided. I can only say that it was a success from beginning to end.

I must insist on the readers of this review to understand the type of patient that I am. I am difficult, require to know every step of the process and have a very hard time trusting following the experience over the last five months. Dr. Williams has been responsive in every way possible and overly accommodating for a guy who pretty much just showed up on his doorstep. I could not have asked for a more professional and/or knowledgeable physician. This was five months of absolute hell trying to navigate a lower back injury that did not make sense prior to Dr. Williams’ explanation and a hip replacement which he is still mitigating and managing the pain for. However, my back is now at a level that I can function, and work and do the things that have been removed from my life for five months. I am facing the hip replacements in May and Dr. Williams will be with me throughout the entire process – I would accept and expect nothing less.

In today’s world of healthcare, we are often hampered by the cost of being treated. Dr. Williams not knowing a thing about me on the first visit treated me like a human being. There is such stigma around the use of narcotics today to treat pain and doctors are consistently restricted from doing what is in the patient’s best interest by what regulations govern their licensing today. At no time did I ever feel that I was being treated other than with respect and professionalism. I would and intend to do what I can through the organization that I started to support the development of Dr. Williams’ credentials and my story. I am associated with every military base globally and on a daily basis help over 250 to 300 active duty, private military contractors, veterans and first responders get the help they need in the area of addiction. Dr. Williams will be the first name I recommend when it comes to his area of specialty and with his level of expertise and concise treatment plans, have our brave men and women in uniform back at their post where they are needed most.

I say this will all sincerity: Dr. Williams exceeded my expectations and has given me back a large portion of my life that has left me bedridden at times over the last five months and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Williams to anyone who is active or an athlete.”

O.L.| Tensiomyography Testing | Pinched Nerve in Neck

In August 2018, I suffered a pinched nerve in my neck while swimming. The pain severely affected my neck and legs – where I’ve had a history of problems including hamstring pulls.

My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Williams. He really took his time and listened to my feedback. As a result, Dr. Williams prescribed Tensiomyography (TMG) testing and it found muscle imbalances and stiffness in my lower body. He developed a program for physical therapy and strength and conditioning which helped eliminate my pain. Now, I’m doing great!

I would definitely recommend Dr. Williams to anyone who is active or an athlete. Dr. Williams knows what he’s talking about and speaks to you in layman’s terms so you fully understand what he is saying. Without question, it was a positive experience.

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