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Florida Times-Union Interviews Dr. Williams About Establishing and Maintaining a Winning Mentality in the NFL


Why is consistency in the NFL or any other sport at any level so elusive, even when a team appears to have the personnel to avoid a sudden dip? The simple answer: Human nature allows for accepting pats on the back and reveling of a win. In turn, that can impact the approach for the next game and change the result.

That was coach Doug Marrone’s challenge this week, beginning with Wednesday’s tone-setting team meeting.

“After a loss, coaches may spend more time on positive reinforcement while breaking down the mistakes and the opportunities for improvement,” says Vernon Williams, M.D., director of sports neurology at the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic Los Angeles. “After a win, in some ways, they have to counteract what may be the natural tendency to swing too far in the [positive] direction.”

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