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Huffington Post Interviews Dr. Williams About 6 Everyday Habits That Could Be Triggering Your Headaches


When you’re suffering from headaches, it’s easy for your mind to jump to a worst-case scenario. But while it is possible that recurring headaches can be due to something scary like a brain tumor, it’s much more likely they result from something fairly innocent that you’re doing and don’t realize.

In general, headaches happen when the blood vessels, muscles and nerves in your head are over-stimulated, said Dr. Vernon Williams, a neurologist and director of the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles.

“When these pain-sensitive structures become overactive, or when chemical activity in the brain is altered, we feel the uncomfortable sensations of a headache,” he explained.

The triggers for everyone can be different, but there are a few lifestyle factors that routinely pop up. These are the biggies to keep on your radar...

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