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How to Train Your Brain to Improve Performance


When most people consider the concept of brain training to improve learning, they tend to think of those online game programs or puzzles that are purported to give the brain a "workout" by practicing memory and problem-solving skills to sharpen the mind. Others consider more advanced techniques aimed at optimizing brainwave activity through neurofeedback or stimulation therapies. Although the games can be fun, there is little research to support their true efficacy in training the brain for improved success in learning. And the advanced technologies can prove costly. I'm definitely following the medical literature on the use of computer, smartphone and other technologies to train the brain, even contributing to the general fund of knowledge on this topic through research. But the reality is that you really don't need expensive subscriptions and programs to help you or your child train the brain for better classroom success and improved learning. In fact, nailing just four habits can help significantly improve performance over time.

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