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WINK-TV (CBS) in Fort Meyers, FL Airs Interview With Dr. Williams About How HF10 Stops Pain


Chronic pain affects thirty percent of people in America, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. That’s one reason for the explosion in opioid abuse and addiction. Now there’s a new neuro-stimulator called the HF 10, and it’s dramatically reduced pain for many patients.

Alisha Constancio couldn’t play with Daisy three months ago. A car accident left her with chronic pain and headaches.

“I couldn’t even dress myself or shower without having or experiencing a flare up or severe pain,” said Constancio.

Constancio was on four drugs and tried other treatments, but her life was still dominated by pain. Then, Vernon Williams, MD, Director, Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medication at Kerlan-Jobe Institute told her about the HF 10 neurostimulator, an implanted device that sends high frequency pulses to nerves through wires near the spine.

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