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WNDU-TV (NBC Affiliate) in South Bend, Indiana - July 17


Chronic pain affects 30 percent of people in America, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

That’s just one reason for the explosion in opioid abuse and addiction.

Now there’s a new neurostimulator called the HF10, and it has dramatically reduced pain for many patients.

Alisha Constancio couldn’t play with her dog, Daisy, three months ago. A car accident left her with chronic pain and headaches.

Dr. Vernon Williams told her about the HF10 neurostimulator, an implanted device that sends high frequency pulses to nerves through wires near the spine.

“Potentially, you can turn up or turn down certain signals, turn off certain pain signals and give significant improvement of pain without the need for opioids or other medications,” Williams explains.

He says the HF10 uses high frequency, eliminating a side effect of other neurostimulators.

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