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Aaptiv Asks Dr. Williams If Exercise Can Help Prevent Dementia Later In Life


While not defined as a particular disease, dementia is categorized into groups of conditions like memory loss and judgment impairment—and cases can range in severity. Symptoms of dementia can include forgetfulness, limited social skills, and a loss of thinking abilities entirely. The impact can be overwhelming for both the patient and the surrounding family and friends. “Globally, the effects of memory-damaging diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, are devastating. In fact, some researchers estimate that more than 100 million people worldwide will be diagnosed with dementia by the year 2050,” says Vernon Williams, M.D., a sports neurologist and founding director of the Center for Sports Neurology. While this statistic sounds overwhelming, Dr. Williams believes that there is hope—and it may involve physical fitness. “Exercise can change the brain for the better and, by doing so, it can help to protect thinking skills and memory in anyone,” he says.

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