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Bustle Interviews Dr. Williams About How To Get A Better Sleep Routine In 3 Days


Sleep can be amazing — particularly if you've been pulling all-nighters lately — but if you're experiencing some problems with getting shut-eye lately, you may need to get a better sleep routine. There are many potential reasons that your sleep may be disturbed or non-existent, experts tell Bustle, and many of them start with how you wind down at night.

"There are physiologic factors involved, such as presence of sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, circadian rhythm disorders, and others," Dr. Vernon Williams, MD, a sports neurologist and founder of the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles, tells Bustle. "There are work-related factors, such as early morning and overnight shifts, work-related travel, and jet-lag, and there are environmental factors, which individuals can adjust to improve their sleep efficiency."

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