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Dr. Williams for U.S. News & World Report: Post-COVID-19 Return-to-Play: Brain Training for Athletes


THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC brought on by COVID-19 put a halt to much of what we previously took for granted – including athletics on the youth, collegiate and professional levels. Though such measures seemed extreme to sports fans, they were also very necessary. But as countermeasures often do, they may come with a cost of their own. In this case, that price might be paid by incoming rookies who may be unable to benefit from pre- or off-season training before gearing up to play. Though these competitors will have to get up to speed (literally, in some cases) in possibly unconventional ways, doing so is indeed possible. And tapping into the science and practice of brain training can help these athletes delve into their playbook and acclimate themselves to the speed of the game.

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