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Livestrong Quotes Dr. Williams: 9 Realistic Health Goals That Have Nothing to Do With Your Weight Nor Waist


Many of us consider the start of a new year as the start of the new-and-improved versions of ourselves. While this can be motivating and encouraging, it can also sometimes involve unrealistic and unhealthy attempts at weight loss.

"Holiday pictures may show unwanted pounds or make us realize we have gained a bit too much weight over the last year, so many people choose to make weight loss their number one goal for the upcoming year," Roger Adams, PhD, personal trainer, doctor of nutrition and owner of eatrightfitness, tells

The media certainly doesn't help: Advertisements for weight-loss programs and gym memberships tend to pop up all over the place, from billboards on your drive to work to your phone's newsfeed.

While weight loss is certainly not a bad resolution to add to your list if you're outside the healthy range, it shouldn't be your only health goal. "Focusing solely on the number on the scale often leads to feelings of failure and not recognizing other ways to improve your health," Adams says. What's more: If you fail to lose the weight you hoped to, you might be tempted to give up on your health goals altogether.

At the end of the day, health should be a top priority all year round. Here, experts share some more realistic health goals that have nothing to do with your weight (but might help you lose some as an added bonus!).