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The Deseret News Quotes Dr. Williams: Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell ready for return after frustrating recovery from concussion


It wasn’t long after the Utah Jazz played the Los Angeles Lakers on Jan. 17 that Donovan Mitchell knew that he wasn’t quite right.

He was already feeling pretty out of it by the time the team landed back in Salt Lake City well after midnight. He didn’t manage to fall asleep until after 7 a.m. and figured that he had sustained a concussion once the headaches and nausea set in.

“The first five or six days, I wasn’t doing anything,” Mitchell said. “I wasn’t on my phone, I wasn’t playing Xbox, not leaving my house. It was bad — the headaches and the nausea. I was pretty messed up.”

Now, 18 days after the initial head injury, Mitchell is symptom-free and set to return to action Friday night against the Brooklyn Nets. But the last couple of weeks haven’t been easy.

Not only was Mitchell frustrated by not being able to compete and play, sidelined while his team was going through its roughest stretch of the season, but just as he felt like he was getting better, things got worse, and it scared him.

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