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Medical News Today Quotes Dr. Williams: Could probiotic supplementation improve cognitive function?

  • A recent review suggests that probiotics may improve cognitive function or lessen cognitive decline in adults but not children.
  • The current studies available for analysis had limitations affecting data interpretation and conclusions.
  • Robust evidence from large, well-designed randomized-controlled trials is needed to determine the effects and real-world applications conclusively.

The human microbiomeTrusted Source is the community of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that inhabit our bodies, directly affecting our health.

Amazingly, scientists estimate that there could be similar numbers of microbes in the body as there are human cells.

The microbes that live on or in our bodies help protect us from organisms that cause disease. Some also promote immune system development and aid in digestion. Scientists believe that a two-way relationship between the brain and the gut exists, though they do not entirely understand it yet.

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