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Dr. Williams Speaks to Media About "Focused Cold Therapy"


For runners and other athletes experiencing debilitating peripheral nerve pain in the knee, a new treatment may provide long term relief. Dr. Williams has spoken with several different news outlets recently about the benefits of "focused cold therapy."

According to the most recent report by King 5 news in Seattle, focused cold therapy uses a cold probe to apply temperatures of -120 degrees Fahrenheit to the site of the pain. "That focused cold therapy allows us to reduce the temperature of a peripheral nerve to a very precise zone," Dr. Williams explained. "And that results in turning that nerve off temporarily, so it's unable to send pain signals."

King 5 recounted the story of Abby Watson, a 16-year-old runner who was experiencing shooting pains in her knees every time she took a step. After focused cold therapy was delivered by Dr. Williams, Abby was able to run without pain the next day. The treatment does no harm to surrounding nerves or tissue and provides athletes relief for up to a few months at a time.

You can watch the full report at King 5. Dr. Wiliams' use of the new treatment has also been covered by several other outlets, including:

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