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Shape Magazine Quotes Dr. Williams: Cue Workout Motivation With a Simple Trick


SHAPE Magazine recently came to Dr. Williams for his insight on what it takes in creating and maintaining a healthy, regular workout routine. In the piece, "Cue Workout Motivation With a Simple Trick," Dr. Williams stressed the need for regular scheduling, especially for Type A individuals.

"Schedule a specific time each day, right there in your calendar, and put it on repeat. Then vigorously protect that time," he told the magazine. He added that he often recommends morning workouts, because they often do not interfere with other responsibilities and benefit from motivation individuals usually have earlier in the day. He also advised that using technology to alert yourself of these regular workout sessions and finding a workout partner can also contribute to longterm success with an exercise schedule.

To read more about Dr. Williams' insight into staying motivated with your workout routine, read the entire piece at SHAPE here.