Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Concussion Prevention: Balancing Knee-Jerk Reactions with Accurate Medical Information Concussions are serious. And the recent media attention given to them with regard to the world of professional sport has created a beneficial “trickle down” effect of prevention conversations taking place in nearly every sport and at all levels. The great news is: concussive injuries are getting the ...
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  • "The persistence of symptoms in some veterans and not others may relate to a variety of factors, including differences in initial exposure to combat, coping strategies and resilience developed before or after combat", said Dr. Vernon Williams, director of the Kerlan-Jobe Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine in Los Angeles. "Attention must be paid to early, accurate, ...
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  • Shape Magazine Quotes Dr. Williams: Cue Workout Motivation With a Simple Trick

    || 12-Jul-2015

    SHAPE Magazine recently came to Dr. Williams for his insight on what it takes in creating and maintaining a healthy, regular workout routine. In the piece, "Cue Workout Motivation With a Simple Trick," Dr. Williams stressed the need for regular scheduling, especially for Type A individuals. "Schedule a specific time each day, right there in your calendar, and put it on repeat. Then ...
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  • Dr. Williams Speaks to Media About "Focused Cold Therapy"

    || 10-Jul-2015

    For runners and other athletes experiencing debilitating peripheral nerve pain in the knee, a new treatment may provide long term relief. Dr. Williams has spoken with several different news outlets recently about the benefits of "focused cold therapy." According to the most recent report by King 5 news in Seattle, focused cold therapy uses a cold probe to apply temperatures of -120 ...
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