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  • How Aerobic Exercise Benefits the Brain -- Especially As You Age

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 11-Jul-2019

    A RECENT COLUMBIA University study builds on previous research linking aerobic exercise to cognitive function and cortical thickness improvement in middle-aged and older adults. Here's a look at what the findings could mean for you. Can you imagine living through chronic neurological disease and dysfunction that prevents you from learning, reasoning, behaving appropriately or even remembering ...
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  • Experts in mild traumatic brain injury discuss the FDA warning about unapproved devices to detect concussion marketed to the public. They agreed that proliferation of sideline tools could reintroduce ambiguity into decision-making. Vernon B. Williams, MD, director of the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Management at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute, said he is all in favor of new ...
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  • The longtime Lakers guard—a championed scorer and notorious competitor—was taking his Utah Jazz defenders to task, shouldering into the lane for a contested running on one possession, then crossing into a deep three-pointer on the next. Bryant’s attack, in what would be his final game in the NBA, accumulated to 50 attempted shots, 60 points, and a standing ovation from his ...
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  • Artificial Intelligence Shows Promise in Concussion Management

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 21-May-2019

    TYPICALLY, WHEN WE TALK about analytics in sports, the discussion is focused on advanced player statistics – and more recently, on performance analytics through things like wearable sensor technologies and high-speed cameras. Advanced analytics and AI in sports are continuing to grow and evolve, even into the injury prevention and management arena. A recent research study I was involved in ...
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  • The Neurological Phenomenon of Stinger or Burner Injuries

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 4-Apr-2019

    WE TEND TO LOOK FOR signs and symptoms of a concussion after a big hit in a football game. But as a sports neurologist, concussion is only one of the injuries I'm looking for as players pick themselves up and return to the huddle or sideline. Body language can tell you a lot. How players move, whether or not they're fluid and symmetric in their arm-swing and obvious or subtle evidence of a ...
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  • The Argonaut: The Neurological Pathfinder - Dr. Vernon B. Williams

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 1-Apr-2019

    The edge of scientific breakthrough is a very exciting place to be. Dr. Vernon B. Williams, director of the renowned Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute’s Center for Sports Neurology & Pain Management in the Howard Hughes Center, is leading that charge in the field of sports neurology. Williams specializes in neuroplasticity, which is how nerve cells in the brain compensate for injury or ...
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  • Are Doctors to Blame for Prescription Opioid Overuse in America?

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 25-Mar-2019

    A RECENT JAMA NEWS release asked whether the marketing of opioids to physicians was associated with overdose deaths. The article pointed the finger at both the marketing tactics of pharmaceutical companies and at the physicians who are prescribing the medications. But the truth is, there are multiple stakeholders, individuals and entities contributing to the opioid epidemic. So, to cure it, we all ...
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  • Thrive Global Asks Dr. Williams About How to Sneak a Workout into Your Day

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 12-Mar-2019

    Much like the muscles in our bodies, our mental capacity is also subject to a type of “use it or lose it” effect, Vernon Williams, M.D., a sports neurologist and director of the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles tells Thrive. Research has found that the most effective brain exercises break up your regular routine and ...
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  • While not defined as a particular disease, dementia is categorized into groups of conditions like memory loss and judgment impairment—and cases can range in severity. Symptoms of dementia can include forgetfulness, limited social skills, and a loss of thinking abilities entirely. The impact can be overwhelming for both the patient and the surrounding family and friends. “Globally, the ...
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  • For the past 20 years, Dr. Williams has made the field of Sports Neurology his life’s work. He’s actively engaged in researching and developing innovative and effective treatments and technologies that help people recognize symptoms of a neurological injury sooner so that the work of treating them can happen faster, and with less potential for permanent damage. Dr. Williams serves as a ...
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  • See the intrview on the link below!
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  • Sleep Health: The Key to Total-Body Wellness and Peak Performance?

    Posted By Vernon B. Williams, MD || 14-Jan-2019

    WHEN IT COMES TO overall health and wellness, the tandem twosome most frequently discussed are diet and exercise. And with good reason – they are crucial contributors. What you consistently put into your body and how you move that body to build and maintain cardiovascular and musculoskeletal fitness are vital to your health across a lifetime. But did you know that some sleep researchers ...
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  • Headaches are never fun. So even if you only struggle with them occasionally, it makes sense you’d want to know how to treat them ASAP. The first step to getting relief is knowing which kind of headache you’re dealing with. Of course, prevention is key to making sure you’re pain-free in the first place. Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference, says Vernon Williams, ...
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