Blog Posts in September, 2019

  • Why Cordy Glenn is on Day 35 of the concussion protocol and the question that comes next By Paul Dehner Jr. CINCINNATI — Zac Taylor receives a report on $60 million tackle Cordy Glenn just about every day. Pretty much every day it comes out the same. He’s still in the concussion protocol. For 35 consecutive days. “Honestly, it’s every day that I look for the update,” ...
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  • Sleep can be amazing — particularly if you've been pulling all-nighters lately — but if you're experiencing some problems with getting shut-eye lately, you may need to get a better sleep routine. There are many potential reasons that your sleep may be disturbed or non-existent, experts tell Bustle, and many of them start with how you wind down at night. "There are ...
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  • We all know smoking, binge-drinking, tanning, and eating fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are bad for us. But you probably didn’t realize that some far more innocuous habits (like texting or burning incense) and even others you thought were good for your health (like hitting the street for a run or taking certain supplements ) are actually doing damage. To find out if your everyday ...
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  • How Exercise Benefits Esports

    || 3-Sep-2019

    I RECENTLY READ A fascinating article about professional e-gaming teams who train like professional athletes in traditional sports and are seeing significant success in their performance as a result. The concept of e-gaming isn't "new," but relative to traditional professional athletics and the potential money to be won, professional e-game team owners and sponsors are taking a new ...
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