Blog Posts in June, 2023

  • Pain occurs when nerve cells detect damage and transmit signals to the brain for interpretation. Everyone feels pain differently, which makes it challenging for doctors to define and treat. A new study, using brain scans, has found that gamma oscillations — brain waves linked to pain perception — have different timing, frequency, and location in different people. This finding could ...
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  • Best Life Quotes Dr. Williams: 6 Signs You Aren't Drinking Enough Water

    || 8-Jun-2023

    Drinking plenty of water is essential to your health : It helps your organs perform their vital functions, regulates your body temperature, lubricates your joints, and helps rid your body of waste, among other things. And with so many important functions hanging in the balance, it doesn't take long for problems to arise when you're inadequately hydrated, experts say. "Dehydration is ...
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  • Defining the "Right" Treatment for Migraine Headaches

    || 5-Jun-2023

    As a neurologist who has cared for many patients experiencing migraines and chronic headaches, I can confidently state that rarely are two patients’ experiences the same. What one person may find debilitating, another may experience as only a nuisance. Some people can maintain a high quality of life with specific headache symptoms, while others may be unable to work or live well while ...
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