Blog Posts in February, 2024

  • Brain and Heart Health - An Unbreakable Bond

    || 12-Feb-2024

    For various complicated reasons, Americans have been historically conditioned to think of our bodies as a collection of independent organs, each functioning in isolation. Such a notion couldn't be further from the truth. Indeed, our bodies are intricate ecosystems, with every organ, nerve, muscle, and tissue fiber interconnected and influencing the health of others. Perhaps nowhere is this ...
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  • The B-ASE Program for Neurologic Peak Performance

    || 5-Feb-2024

    Among the most fascinating aspects of being human is our unique ability to develop new skills while also honing and enhancing those we already possess. With practice, most people can learn to do something new – play a musical instrument or sport, or develop an artistic ability, for example. However, not everyone who becomes "able" to perform a new skill will host a ...
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