Blog Posts in August, 2022

  • Stress, Your Brain, and the 'Goldilocks Principle'

    || 3-Aug-2022

    The concept of stress – essentially defined as the body’s reaction when under pressure or threat – has long been studied and known to impact overall health. The difficulty in determining how much stress is too much on a body and a brain resides mainly in an individual's circumstances – their age, socioeconomic status, genetics, psychosocial resources like healthy ...
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  • The Brain Training Game

    || 1-Aug-2022

    Crossword puzzles alone won’t give your brain what it needs for optimal health across the lifespan. Today, an Internet search of "brain training" will yield results that almost entirely include websites, apps, or subscriptions for stationary activities such as crosswords, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, or the latest rage – Wordle – an online and social media-based word game. ...
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