Blog Posts in August, 2022

  • Spinal Cord Stimulation: State of the Treatment

    || 18-Aug-2022

    Considering the significant concerns around use of narcotics for pain management, finding an alternative for back pain — especially for chronic pain — is always a welcome development. With spinal cord stimulation, that promise comes with plenty of history. “This is a technology that's been in use since the 1960s, with FDA approval since the early 90s, so we've had time to ...
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  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in Athletes

    || 17-Aug-2022

    Thoracic outlet syndrome is a condition that was brought into the national spotlight by high-profile professional athletes who suffered from its initial debilitating effects. Whether it’s a basketball player unable to accurately shoot a jumper or a pitcher unable to spot a fastball, thoracic outlet syndrome, or TOS, can wreak havoc on both the body and mind. While TOS may initially appear to ...
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  • Stress, Your Brain, and the 'Goldilocks Principle'

    || 3-Aug-2022

    The concept of stress – essentially defined as the body’s reaction when under pressure or threat – has long been studied and known to impact overall health. The difficulty in determining how much stress is too much on a body and a brain resides mainly in an individual's circumstances – their age, socioeconomic status, genetics, psychosocial resources like healthy ...
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  • The Brain Training Game

    || 1-Aug-2022

    Crossword puzzles alone won’t give your brain what it needs for optimal health across the lifespan. Today, an Internet search of "brain training" will yield results that almost entirely include websites, apps, or subscriptions for stationary activities such as crosswords, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, or the latest rage – Wordle – an online and social media-based word game. ...
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