Blog Posts in January, 2022

  • A recent review suggests that probiotics may improve cognitive function or lessen cognitive decline in adults but not children. The current studies available for analysis had limitations affecting data interpretation and conclusions. Robust evidence from large, well-designed randomized-controlled trials is needed to determine the effects and real-world applications conclusively. The human ...
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  • WHEN YOU HAVE ankylosing spondylitis (AS), quality sleep might feel frustratingly elusive. You may struggle to fall asleep, then wake up throughout the night due to discomfort and back pain. These challenges aren’t just irritating, they’re tough on your health. Poor sleep has been linked to a cardiovascular problems and diabetes, as well as depression and anxiety that can worsen back ...
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  • Although it may be surprising to some, your brain health is greatly impacted by your gut. In fact, changes in your gut microbiome have been known to not only lead to behavioral changes but can alter cognitive health as well. Because probiotic supplementation has been known to have some positive benefits on the gut microbiome, many researchers have begun to see if this supplement may also be used ...
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