Blog Posts in April, 2018

  • How the Brain Responds to What the Eyes See

    || 30-Apr-2018

    IN A FIELD THAT'S ever-expanding, sports neurologists are excited about emerging scientific evidence helping us understand how and why training an athlete's vision and brain are as important as musculoskeletal strengthening, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility when it comes to peak athletic performance. For example, baseball is one of the most visually intensive sports, and with the ...
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  • Technology a Strong Weapon in the Opioid Battle

    || 27-Apr-2018

    Though chronic pain is most commonly experienced in the back or the legs, pain anywhere in the body that has lasted for six months or longer is considered chronic. In America today, it is estimated that upwards of 100 million people suffer the devastating effects of chronic pain. It is the primary cause of disability among adults in the United States at a cost of about $600 billion, annually. ...
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  • When you’re suffering from headaches, it’s easy for your mind to jump to a worst-case scenario. But while it is possible that recurring headaches can be due to something scary like a brain tumor, it’s much more likely they result from something fairly innocent that you’re doing and don’t realize. In general, headaches happen when the blood vessels, muscles and nerves ...
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  • Proprioception: the Unsung Hero of the Senses

    || 11-Apr-2018

    Beginning in grade school, most everyone is taught about the five senses: touch, sight, taste, smell and sound. These are responsible for our interaction with the external world around us. Sensory nerves in our bodies pick up on these outside stimuli and deliver the information to our brains for processing, through our senses. However, we humans also possess several senses that are responsible for ...
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