Blog Posts in October, 2017

  • Pain: Is it All in Your Head?

    || 16-Oct-2017

    You twist your ankle, cut your finger, slip and fall, or suddenly experience more severe pain in your back, chest or abdomen that sends you to the emergency room. When you feel that pain, your brain is trying to tell you something. Some kind of tissue injury has occurred. Without proper attention, rest or further treatment, things could get worse. In this case, pain, although uncomfortable, is a ...
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  • “Right now, for the overwhelming majority of people and the overwhelming majority of time, a concussion is a clinical diagnosis,” said Dr. Vernon Williams, a sports neurologist and director of the Kerlan-Jobe Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. “We make the diagnosis based on the signs and symptoms along with the ...
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  • Why is consistency in the NFL or any other sport at any level so elusive, even when a team appears to have the personnel to avoid a sudden dip? The simple answer: Human nature allows for accepting pats on the back and reveling of a win. In turn, that can impact the approach for the next game and change the result. That was coach Doug Marrone’s challenge this week, beginning with ...
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