Blog Posts in December, 2020

  • While eating nutritious foods does take care of our physical body, it can also play a huge role in our cognitive health as well. Healthy foods create a mind and body connection that help with our overall health and longevity. But we had to ask ourselves—what are the best foods to have for our brains? We spoke with registered dietitians and doctors to learn the healthy foods to improve your ...
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  • IF YOU’RE LIKE MOST people, you've experienced memory loss at some point in your life. From forgetting where you put something to not being immediately able to recall a person’s name, most of us have been there a time or two. However, as we age, more consistent and sometimes severe memory declines can begin to take hold – forcing the person experiencing them to alter their ...
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  • With COVID-19 cases rising and winter on the horizon, we're all likely going to be spending the next several months in a state of life similar to the onset of this pandemic. But the only thing worse than going through lockdown the first time is going through it again — with the knowledge of how devastating each day can feel, especially for those living alone. "The COVID-19 crisis ...
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  • This is Your Brain, On Food

    || 4-Dec-2020

    The type of diet we eat affects so much more than the way we look. If you're old enough to remember television public service announcements from the '80s, you'll likely recall one from A Partnership for a Drug-Free America. In the brief spot, an egg frying in a pan symbolizes the effects of chronic, illicit drug use on the brain. It was a campaign that ran for a while. More recent ...
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