Blog Posts in April, 2022

  • 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Brain

    || 29-Apr-2022

    Cognitive “clutter” is real, but there are simple ways to help keep your brain space neat and tidy. Especially as we age, a “cluttered” brain can lead to unnecessary cognitive decline. For some people, a busy memory scape can increase creativity. But for most, all that brain noise comes at a cost and can propagate forgetfulness and other cognitive disorders the older we ...
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  • Understanding Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in Athletes

    || 6-Apr-2022

    Thoracic Outlet Syndrome has recently received national attention with several high-profile professional athletes having suffered from its initial debilitating effects. Whether it’s a basketball player unable to accurately shoot a jumper to a pitcher not being able to spot a fastball, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) can wreak havoc on both the body and mind. While TOS may on the surface ...
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