Blog Posts in September, 2021

  • Anyone who suffers from it can attest that overcoming chronic pain often takes nothing short of a heroic effort. I was encouraged recently to see the subject of pain be reintroduced to the national spotlight during the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony for former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Throughout his nine years in the NFL, Mr. Johnson revealed that he ...
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  • Why Strict Rest Is No Longer Recommended After Sports-Related Concussion

    || 30-Sep-2021

    As the science surrounding concussion evolves, so must the medical care for patients. All concussions are serious. Yet balancing what we know about concussion, neurological function, and brain health with what we don’t know can sometimes be a tightrope walk for a sports neurologist. With the science of concussion evolving rapidly, there is no single, universally accepted consensus definition ...
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