Blog Posts in October, 2022

  • Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is returning to NFL action for Week 7, having passed the concussion protocol following a head and neck injury in Week 4. Dr. Vernon Williams, who has worked with the Los Angeles Rams as team neurologist, tells Newsweek about the recovery that a player needs to go through after suffering a concussion and why it is "risky" to return to full-contact ...
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  • Article Link: ‘Klay understands his body’: Thompson still working through injury aftermath ( After the triumphant return from a 941-day hiatus, after the memorable playoff performances, after the Champagne-popping at yet another championship parade, Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson struggled to do the comparably simple: play pickup basketball. In authoring one ...
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  • Article Link: Sideline Doctors Face Scrutiny After Hits to a Star Quarterback - The New York Times ( The sidelines at N.F.L. games are better staffed than many emergency rooms. There are orthopedists, neurotrauma specialists, athletic trainers and even an “emergency airway intubation” specialist. In the press box, medical experts scan the field to spot any potential head ...
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  • Unleashing Your Brain's Full Potential

    || 3-Oct-2022

    Want to reach your full potential with any skill and in any field of human endeavor? Practice, practice, practice. Whether considering sports, musical instruments, or academic lessons in the classroom, most people believe that getting better at anything requires practice. The overwhelming majority of people are aware of the concepts of practicing to train a craft or practicing to train your ...
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