Blog Posts in August, 2021

  • Patients who reported experiencing widespread pain had an increased incidence of all-cause dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke. This increased risk is independent of factors such as age, health, or sociodemographic circumstance. Researchers analyzed data from 2,464 participants of the Framingham Offspring Study Cohort, who underwent examination by health practitioners between 1990 and ...
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  • Exercise, Sleep, and The Glymphatic System

    || 18-Aug-2021

    How can we enlist these three fantastic factors for optimized brain health? The human body is a scientific marvel of systems and functions, all designed to work together in making the healthiest ‘you’ possible. The catchy “Dry Bones” song many of us learned as kids, in which the lyrics feature one bone in the body connecting to another, can apply to so much more than just ...
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  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Future Neurological Health

    || 2-Aug-2021

    ACEs are common and future health risk increases with repeated exposure. One biological marvel of the human brain is that it is an adaptable organ, able to alter its structure based on life experiences. Because childhood is a time when rapid and significant development occurs – walking and talking, for example – the brain is susceptible to events that occur during this critical ...
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