Blog Posts in April, 2021

  • Livestrong Quotes Dr. Williams: The 15 Best Natural Remedies for Headaches

    || 29-Apr-2021

    Headaches are an all-too-common annoyance. At best, they can make even simple daily tasks more challenging. At worst, they can leave you curled up in bed for hours. The good news is that if you're not a fan of taking Tylenol on a regular basis, there are plenty of natural remedies for headaches, including some small lifestyle changes, certain foods and hot or cold therapy. Here are 15 ...
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  • We’ve all suffered from a headache at some point. From hormones to hangovers, there are countless culprits—but fewer cures. Prescription and over-the-counter meds can be helpful, yet there are natural ways to prevent them altogether. The key is learning to avoid certain lifestyle triggers. How Common Are Headaches? Whether you get a headache a few times a year or experience migraines ...
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  • Over the years, scientific research has suggested that people of color face healthcare disparities and decreased access to quality care compared with white people. Diagnosis of and treatment for migraine is no exception. Wade M. Cooper, DO, director of the Headache & Neuropathic Pain Clinic at the University of Michigan, told Healthline that migraine is underdiagnosed in general — but ...
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  • Concussion Considerations for Athletes with Neurologic Conditions

    || 1-Apr-2021

    Concussions can happen to anyone; but those with underlying conditions may be at greater risk. As a sports neurologist, I can say with confidence that the sports neurology community knows much more about the phenomenon of concussion today than we did even just a decade ago. However, I can also admit that we have much more to learn. I understand that the unknown can be unnerving to athletes or ...
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