Blog Posts in September, 2022

  • 5 Myths and Facts About Migraines

    || 21-Sep-2022

    A migraine can be painful and draining. Your head throbs on one side, you can’t tolerate lights or sounds and you may have nausea. It can be bad enough to keep you in bed for hours — or even days. People with migraines are familiar with these symptoms. But a bad headache isn’t always a migraine. In fact, the condition is still widely misunderstood. And if you do have migraines, ...
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  • Cannabis for Chronic Pain

    || 19-Sep-2022

    Chronic pain, in and of itself, is considered an often intractable condition that millions of Americans suffer from every year. Chronic pain generally refers to persistent pain experienced by a person for 3 months or longer. It is often debilitating, frustrating, and depression-inducing for the person suffering it. So, when "treatments" come along that have the potential to provide ...
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  • The Impact of Sleep on a Developing Brain

    || 1-Sep-2022

    Especially for students in America, the culmination of Labor Day Weekend usually marks the unofficial end of summer, even if the calendar says we have until late September before the fall season begins. With school likely back in session for most students in the United States, parents everywhere may be faced with groggy, sleepy-eyed kiddos whose morning wake-up calls were probably much later ...
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