Blog Posts in April, 2019

  • The Neurological Phenomenon of Stinger or Burner Injuries

    || 4-Apr-2019

    WE TEND TO LOOK FOR signs and symptoms of a concussion after a big hit in a football game. But as a sports neurologist, concussion is only one of the injuries I'm looking for as players pick themselves up and return to the huddle or sideline. Body language can tell you a lot. How players move, whether or not they're fluid and symmetric in their arm-swing and obvious or subtle evidence of a ...
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  • The Argonaut: The Neurological Pathfinder - Dr. Vernon B. Williams

    || 1-Apr-2019

    The edge of scientific breakthrough is a very exciting place to be. Dr. Vernon B. Williams, director of the renowned Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute’s Center for Sports Neurology & Pain Management in the Howard Hughes Center, is leading that charge in the field of sports neurology. Williams specializes in neuroplasticity, which is how nerve cells in the brain compensate for injury or ...
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