Blog Posts in July, 2023

  • Best Life Quotes Dr. Williams: 6 Best Brain Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

    || 31-Jul-2023

    As you get older, it's normal to notice some minor changes in your cognitive abilities. For instance, you may find as you reach your senior years that it's a bit more difficult to sustain your attention, multitask, find the right word, or recall information as quickly as you once did. "Some changes in the ability to think are considered a normal part of the aging process," says ...
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  • Researchers looked at cognitive function over 10 years in 8,958 people aged 50 and older in England. The study found people who slept between 6 and 8 hours per night and engaged in higher levels of physical activity were linked with better cognitive function. People who slept fewer than 6 hours a night, even if they engaged in higher levels of physical activity, experienced more rapid cognitive ...
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  • Pain as an Experience - Not a Sensation

    || 7-Jul-2023

    As a physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, I am often faced with the truth that pain is not simply a sensation but an experience unique to the individual. Each person's pain response to an acute injury or chronic condition is contingent upon a wide array of factors that aren't only physical. Among the many reasons that pain can be challenging to manage is ...
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  • Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. In 2020, 619 million people globally were affected by the condition. By 2050, this figure is expected to increase to 843 million. Neck pain is also a leading contributor to disability worldwide and is estimated to be the fourth leading cause of disability in terms of “years lived with disability.” Clinical guidelines ...
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